These are some ideas for future updates or games in the WATCH_DOGS franchise:


.When online I am now always bombarded with people that aren't in adversial mode (for others that don't know you can only kill someone online if you go on options, online and put 'adversial' mode on) with grenade launchers or other explosive weapons.

They continue to shoot you and make you fall of edges of buildings, cars etc, what I believe you should do is make it so grenades, proximity IEDs, IEDs and grenade launchers shot or thrown by un-adversial' mode people not be able to hurt or really do anything to you at all. P.S what mostly annoys me about this is that people team up with others like that so when you're down they just kill you.

.Changing to and from adversial mode. People change to and from adversial mode to kill you, they turn back, go up to you and then turn adversial mode back on to then kill you over and over again. so even though there may not be many solutions to this I've thought of maybe only every 5 mins you may turn adversial mode on and off.

.I think you should add in activities in online for you and your friends to play on because right now all you can do is shoot each other and get chased by the police. 


.You should be able to shoot from the drivers seat, it is so annoying when driving and there's nothing to hack when being pursued by enemies and you just get mowed down you should at least make it so you can use you pistol

.Probably what annoys me most on this list is when having all guns bought you have to cycle through aaaaalllll of them, if you've accidently changed possibly your chrome pistol you have to spend 15 secs going through all of them just to get back. maybe what you could do is either add a second button to cycle to the left through your weapons or when at gun shops be able to equip and unequip  some of the weapons.

.Ideas for melee, I'm thinking when performing a takedown it would be quite cool to have a little quick time event, where everything goes into slow-motion and you have to press a or two specific buttons to properly perform it, obviously not to complicated or in online because that wouldn't really work. p.s maybe if you do a takedown on a online player from the front you both get out your baton... thingies and whoever presses a specific button the most takes the other one down.

.You should add a normal melee to WATCH_DOGS possibly with your guns and you just hit them and it stuns them for a second

That's all from me, if you've read all of this, thank you ( ; I appreciate it and if you're a creator please think about adding some of these ideas in previous updates or the sequel. And if YOU have any ideas or don't agree with me just comment down below and hopefully a creator will read it-Tazanator6 ( :

P.S creators change that stupid name, what does 'adversial' even mean?


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