Ideas For New Class Variants?

So I just found out they did a contest for the next Peashooter. Looks like we will be having Plasma Pea soon (wish I could have entered). i would just like to know if anyone has any other ideas for the different classes?

I've seen a guy mention a Boxing Star so the zombies could have a melee character. I also wouldn't mind a Grim Reaper looking Chomper lol. 


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Roofer Zombie (Engineer) - shoots nails from a nail gun

MP Zombie (Trooper) - shoots handcuffs which temporarily stops or slows plants

Candy Striper (Sunflower) - let your imagination run wild

Dune Worm (Chomper) - Looks like worms from Dune when it eats you... opens mouth and sucks you in...

I have too much time on my hands at work...

Roofer Zombie sounds awesome, I love nail guns. I also like the MP Zombie that shoots handcuffs. Candy Stripper??? That's hilarious.

I heard that there was a Ninja Pea that made it to the finals, that wouldn't have been too bad. It shot ninja stars! I need a Scientist with fire element. I can't think of any cool name for it tho.

Geologist Zombie - shoots volcanic cinders

Chemist Zombie - bunsen burner-type flame thrower?

Astro-physicist Zombie - carries the latest in zombie tech Portable Super Collider

Ninja Pea would be pretty cool.  For the hand graphics they could had nun chucks.

How about a Armored Cactus? Similar to the Chomper variant. She moves a little slower but it shoots out little Missles (similar to the Tank Commando Zombie). It could be a single shot or they could make it less powerful and give it 4 shots.

Also she would be strapped with bombs and satchels for the outfit. On her hands could be a detonator in one and a explosive on the other (just for looks obviously).

Would she have large *** plates?  ;) Jokes...

While we are on the topic of plant/zombie variants... what about Plants/Zombies from the past.

Trojan Zombie -  Carries a large shield and a spear

Napoleonic Zombie - (Foot Soldier) carries a rifle from the French revolution

Caveman Zombie - Carries a club in one hand while dragging a female zombie in the other

i have entirely too much free time at work... :)

I entered but was not chosen for the final five, thought my idea was better than most of the finalists...

Anyway, personally I want a melee zombie character, preferably a stealth one, like a ninja zombie. Also, we need a mushroom character for the plants.

^^ What was your idea? Got a pic or anything? And yes I melee zombie is needed. I figured if anything that could add that Tackle zombie to the All Star class. During Garden Ops he seems to have a shorty cool down for his tackles. But that would just be if they couldn't think of anything else.

Also, a mushroom plant would be sweet, didn't even think of that. Not sure if they are looking to add totally new classes but I sure wouldn't mind.

Plant:  Bumble bee  and it's "variants"  wasp, hornet.....

         Snake;  rattler, boa constrictor,........

Just realized we don't have any girl zombies while the plants have the Sunflower and Cactus lol.

Cactus comes from latin and it's male (latin has male and female substantives).

Or i dont' get the joke?

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