ideas for a playlist

I was hoping in the near future, for an all pro playlist. basically a playlist with only pro type games (slayer pro, slayer DMR pro, team snipers pro etc.) because those are the only ones i seem to really have fun in.

and why can't there be playlists where people can't tag along their baby cousin who doesn't know how to play halo. those are the ones that go -1 and usually cause our team to lose. or their "special" friend (for lack of a better word) who go around team killing everyone and committing suicide the entire time. i once played a squad slayer game where the final score was 75 to -18 (similar to that) because these guys kept jumping off the ledge of asylum. not cool.

anyways these are just speculations for a future playlist idea before bungie calls it quits on halo and 343 takes over. i'm sure it won't be that different though, 


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Crazy Taxi Halo: you need to try and drive marines around various parts of Forge World. whoever gets the fastest times and fewest casaulties wins. LOL