Okay ,so u must know about the new skins right?...well i thought this amazing thing like this:What if each skin had a special ability?For ex.HeroBrime cold make the nameplate disappear,Squid could breath under water,Zombie could have arms raise and make zombie noises and no nameplate,Wizard could teleport to any rendered place on the map, race car drivers run fast creeper could explode...And other stuff like that i personally think thaat would open and add a complete new aspect of the game i would set it up as a new add on for 400 Microsoft points What do you think?


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400 points for the same skins again but 'abilities' for them? No thanks. Extra coding on their end for something they already did, too. Paying for something we already paid for again? I doubt many would really like that. I'm sure a ton would demand a refund or the abilities to be free.

make them in high resolution theres ure value for money

^ It's an 8-bit game on purpose.


The idea sounds pretty cool, but they'd never do it. Nor would anyone repay for skins they have, maybe if they did it to begin with people would have. But I know I wouldn't spend 400 MSP on something like that.

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^ It's an 8-bit game on purpose.


Exactly. On the PC I have tried a texture pack that gives it realistic looks and it just isn't the same.


Anyways, I wouldn't buy something like that either because it should be included in the skins already.

I think it's a cool idea!