Idea for new Battleifeld 3 Game mode

Carrier Warfare (think of Air Superiority from 1943)


There are two Aircraft Carriers, and the other teams goal is to destroy the other's.


For example: One could bomb the runway of the air craft carrier, an engineer could blow up sensetive areas, recon could bombard the ship with morterss and so on.


The idea would be the whatever team to destroy the other's carrier would win.


In the center would be a small island, that is basically an air strip and some boats, so whatever team has that can quickly get to the enemy's carrier faster.


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Kind of like the Titan mode in BF 2142 (which Ive never played but read tons about). Which sounds like a fun idea.

Na I like Mellie only!  like a grudge match just knives maybe a couple of baseball bats hidden in the middle somewhere, an what about,,  a trench style warfare trench mazes running all over the map, NO vehicles and one objective get as many kills an survive longer than the enemy so you can call in a match ending napalm air strike! be good for snipers or recons an assaults

Sounds interesting but it wouldn't be realistic, why would two enemy aircraft carriers be so close together. They would have their escort Frigates and Destroyers do the fighting, they would just deploy aircraft.

I know we'll b getting infantry only, so thts a start. Hope thy bing back some maps from BF2

I would be up for more game modes in general. That is the only thing I felt held BC 1 and 2 back from being on top of the industry

what the hell is "mellie"?


is that one of them "feminized' saying "shotty" instead of Shotgun?


EDIT: never mind...think whoever typed that meant to say 'melee'

that's how i originally typed it an that's how the spell check re- spelled it I didn't even realize it until now M e l  e  e    anyways I was obviously joking around about that type of game mode..

I got a better Idea for BF3....chopper only maps


that way, those whiny little chopperbabies can have their way.....whole maps just for them, 24 helos just waiting for prepubescent bliss


and the choppers on the normal maps can only absorb normal amounts of damage, and can even be taken out by well placed small arms fire...which would reflect a measure of realism and definitely make them vulnerable to more than one type of AA gun...y'know make the 88 do more than just create sparkles in the air OR give ground pounders an actual lock-on capable rocket or make the tracer dart fly faster than a paper airplane....and yes trim off a little of the mega-armor on the attack birds so they're not quite the Star Destroyers they are now....I don't care how destructive they are, make 'em more powerful if you want....just make so they can be shot down....

You mean like this???

Battlefield 1942 Coral Sea

Misfit: I think I kind of said that in my first post.

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