Idea For Future Claymores?

I'd like it if in Future Call of Duty games Claymores would go off if the placer triggered them, wouldn't that be more realistic?


Claymores would work exactly the same they do now, except now when you place a claymore, you can trigger them and have them kill you (just you, your team-mates can't trigger them)


Yes, No?


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I made a thread about the claymores I want HERE

I would like to see a claymore explode if you actually hit the red lines.  I see claymore red lines and step back and it still explodes

I'd like to see a more modern version of a claymore.  Anyone here remember the Proximity Mines from Goldeneye?  You could place them on walls, floors and even ceilings.

Oops. My bad. Fail for reading comprehension. Still like how they are now.

He's not talking about using a remote to set off the claymore.  He means that if he places a claymore and then walks in front of it accidentally that he will set it off and kill himself.

Personally I like how the claymores work.  I think if you try to get too realistic with some of the features that you start to lose the fun factor of the game.

I was going to say the same thing. We have C4. I'll admit it's not that useful to me.



C4. Sometimes I think people forget it's there. I don't have a problem with the way claymores are now.