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What We Offer

Active Friendly Forums

Organized Military Rank Structure

Family Atmposhere


Competivite Game Battles Teams

Graphics Design Team

Event Staff

News Team

Much More!!!!!!!

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Joining Iconik Gaming Is Easy go to http://iconik-gaming.com/forum.php?referrerid=756 And Register. When Regestring Be Sure To Put

midnighblade As Your Refferer.  Or You Can Post In The Apply For Membership Forum http://iconik-gaming.com/forumdispla...for-Membership.

If You Are Looking For An Active & Fun Community The Iconik Gaming Is For You. We Have Something To Offer Everyone, From The Casual Players To The Highly Competitive Players

Make Sure You Put midnightblade As Your Reffefer!!!Or Use This Linkhttp://iconik-gaming.com/forum.php?referrerid=756 And Request The IG Resistance And Recruit Usergroups!


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Last updated July 3, 2018 Views 2 Applies to:

IG is one of my favorite clans of all time. Cannot wait to join and be part of something golden.

This is a super community that cannot be passed up. We do everything from gamenights, competitions, events, fun, and weekly battalion meetings.

And not to mention that we have over 4000+ members.

A clan that shines above the rest. If you're serious about being in a clan, don't hesitate to join this one. IG! Ftw!

Let's keep this clan active, and let's keep it stable.

We work together to create a better community for its gamers by its gamers.

Iconik-Gaming is amazing.

Down get weighed down by those old clunky clans. IG is new, fresh, 4000 members, established, and active.

Make sure to join IG. We're not like other clans.

Tired of those flake out clans that just don't do the job. IG, we're real, we're established, we put the gaming back in gaming clans.

IG is the way to go!