Hey guys,

Tonight (for the first time in a while), I thought I'd play a little bit of CoD 4 MP. I ended up playing a couple of games of FFA before switching over to a bit of TD. I played on the server for about 30 mins without any dramas until another guy came on (removed by moderator). Upon his joining, a few messages popped up saying iCheeted.com and some other things I don't recall.

I'm guessing this is hacks or something? Was my acc. put at risk at all? I backed out of the game pretty much upon seeing these messages, didn't really want to play with/against hackers and/or cheaters.




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You can't call out people on the forums, chances are a mod will remove the gamertag you listed. As far as your question though you should be fine and aren't hacked. The game you joined was the only thing that was hacked.

I would guess that your account should be okay. I would simply file a complaint against his GamerTag and move on. Although if you do come across further hackers I would recommend to take a similar course of action and back out of the match.

file complaint does not work all you can do is submit player review and avoid..this game and waw is not supported anymore, read up on these forums about de-rank as that is all you have to worry about as far as your account goes..and dancergirl..why would you send me a photo that you found off the net and claim to be her..stop acting like a fake.