I've lost interest in the mass effect series

Recently I've been playing through the all the mass effect games but when I got to mass effect 3 I kinda got a little burned out. I picked up the first two mass effect games really late so I didn't my saves ready for mass effect 3. I just started playing it this week after having it for a couple of months. I've played through thhe i first 2 games multiple times and now when i play them I get bored because I seen everything. something happened to my old profile and i lost my dlc and my saves and i really don't wanna play through the first 2 games just to see the results in mass effect 3. i really kinda lost  interest in playing through the series again. 


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I can understand how that happens.  All of the ME games are great and enjoyable, but I certainly would not recommend playing them all back-to-back-to-back.  You can easily get burned out and never finish them all.


I highly advise taking breaks.  Lay off of it for a few days, weeks, months, or longer.  Maybe kill a few zombies, jump through a few portal holes, run through the streets naked, capture a few checkpoints, or grow a few pinatas.


But don't give up on the series.  The story is great, and the ending will be tweaked (since so many complained about it), but don't lose hope.

The galaxy needs you to save it.

Of course, it happens to everyone.. When you find yourself getting bored with it just walk away from Mass Effect for a few months. So when you return to the franchise it's all a bit exciting for you again. Playing anything too much will lead to a burn out regardless how good the games are.