I've hit a wall.. Any Tips to get better at this game?

Hey guys, I'm the king of racking up stats and still losing in Madden.  Every game I outgain my opponent but usually lose.  My defense is very solid.  The problem is I struggle in the redzone and I can't handle the blitz.  This year's version seems much harder to compete deep passes, I get sacked constantly unless I do a quick pass play.  I can't seem to hit anything down the field.  Any tips to help? 


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Gotta read defenses. If I get sacked on a play where my opponent was running a zone blitz Ill do a hurry up offense and send the wideout deep. I dont know what team you use or what playbook but I know the saints and packers playbooks both have a few good zone beating plays.


If your opponent isnt playing zone and is running M2M then try alot of slant routes and quick passes like you already are doing. And dont forget to lead the receiver or throw the ball close to the ground so the DB cant get the ball. Also stay away from curl routes unless the DBs are playing way back off your wideouts.


As far as the red zone goes, I struggle there as well. The best thing Ive found is using hot routes effectively based on what the defense is showing. Slant patterns and motioning the RB/FB is very effective at providing mis-direction. A good play I like to run when inside the 10 is called 'Spacing'. It seems to do the trick at getting at least one guy open that close to the endzone.

Against the blitz: If you read a blitz coming, my advice, is to quickly audible into 'quick pass' more specifically SLANTS over the middle. You will tear up defense when they send a blitz package against SLANTS... Now after the first blitz, its a judgment call by you of how "smart" the defender is, many times I can get away with running a hurry up right after the first SLANT play and catch him off guard and run it a second (or even third) time if he doesnt audible out of the blitz.


In the redzone, for starters I just run the ball up the middle by mixing it up between giving it to the RB and FB (yes the FB, works great if you use it sparingly). As far as passing plays go, I like running OUT ROUTES and CURLS, I personally dont like going for big gains, so these are efficient and tough patterns to cover against IMO.

If your struggling in the redzone heres the most consistant play to use.

Hot route a fade from any formation with 1-2 receivers. You will need the receiver on the short side of the field doing the fade. To hot route a fade push Y/triangle, the receivers button then up on the right stick. If he gets pressed you will have to wait for the release otherwise take a three step drop back and lob it high to the corner of the endzone. He will go to the corner, turn around and jump straight up for this and the computer defense will not react. Obviously this is only effective if the receiver is tall and can jump. I suggest 6'2 or taller with a 92+ jump for best results. Catching in traffic helps as well.

Just  run it.  Most of the time you can predict where the linemen or LB's are going to break out  of thier  blocks and just use the LS to go opposite or quick juke to the opposite side.  If online, evade user defenders by only using the left stick.  Make them play the run, then pass out of those same formations but in situations where you could still run.  You have to keep em guessing and be able to successfully  run one play to multiple options.  Practice that.  Most can adapt if you are abusing them a certain way.

I seem to be playing a bit better, I'm focusing on picking a pass play quickly and giving myself time to audible when I see the defense, I'm running hot routes or changing it to a run if I like the look.  I think you can call literally any pass play and switch the routes at the line of scrimmage, that's been helping I had a huge game with the Chargers doing this.