I've been demoted -_-

well today i was playing call of duty 4 when of course im in another hacker lobby and it was slow motion mega jump and when i killed someone it demoted me. thats fantastic because COD 4 is my favorite game and now i cant play it so if some would please help me it would be great thanks (sorry for the grammar im lazy)


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You should have dashboarded. Only thing you can do now is start a new account or find a new game to play.

is it possible to be undemoted by the person who demoted you because i messaged them about it and they said they would but when i turned on the xbox...red ring

if you send out messages asking to be modded you could face a ban.

i would not trust anyone that offers to un-derank you if they are the ones that did it to you.

do not give any personal details or they could rob your account as well.

Just message fourzerotwo. Tell him what rank you were so he can reset you. Go over to the IW forums to see his post on this issue.

I have seen that post and it tells you to contact him through this website xbox.com,microsoft will not do anything to solve the problem.it also says you can report it to him through your dashboard???

These de-rank lobbies are getting to be more and more. Usualy, you will get "dropped" into one, you know when you are waiting to play and get into a game that has already started.

 The VERY first thing to look at is the score of the match. The numbers will all be RED (no GREEN numbers what-so-ever), no matter who is winning, and the score will be outrageous. Something like 2000-1887. Some odd-ball, high number. Remember (and I'm talking team/mercenary team deathmatch games) the winning score is 750.

 I have run into several of these matches, mainly in team deathmatch. As a matter of fact, was in one last night and immediately "dashboarded". I then sent everyone a message to do the same (message said: watch out, you are in a de-rank lobby)". About 8 players sent me a message thanking me, but one in particular responded "watch your face, you are a ***". I checked his bio, friends list, etc., noting he and friends were advertising "modding services", possible hacked gamerscore, etc. So, I sent him a message that I had filed complaints on him for hosting the modded lobby. Haven't heard another word from him. Woke up this morning, no messages, so I avoided him.

Wow. What's up with the forums? I tried to edit, did edit and when I hit post, a little avatar dude popped up saying "Oh, sorry, you have hit a glitch in the system."

 Did notice in the announcements for Account Suspension forum that they were having "technical difficulties", but that was posted Sept. 3. Maybe that is why I am not seeing any new posts in that forum.

 Also, notice my last post, the asterisks. I actually used a 3 letter word (a word associated with male/male fornication, the actual word I received in the message), and when I posted, read post, noticed the asterisks. Is that something done automaticaly through the forums, or did a moderator ACTUALLY read my post that fast and put in the asterisks?

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If you get de-ranked you can send a message Rober Bowling's gamertag fourzerotwo. Tell him what rank you were before you got deranked and he'll set you back up. Go over to the IW forums to see his post on this.


check here for the message to fourzerotwo www.infinityward.com/.../viewtopic.php