I'm tired of carrying my team.

What is the best way to find a good group of people to play with? i do not have a mic. more often then not i have a score 2.5k+ in kill confirmed. i go positive while my entire team goes negitive. im not like extra good either.i ALWAYS get teamed up with the worst cod players. other then joining a clan is there a place to find a team?


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You could probably find people on the forums who play KC and would team up with you.

get a mic. that's a good starting point.

Just when you play, if you like someone else's playstyle even if on the other team send him/her an invite or message asking if he/she wants to party/friend up, and yeah like iiC KyleB said, get a mic :)

How can you play this game with out a Mic???.if you could have talk to your team you might have help them out to do better and win.so don't blame the team for not being good talking is the key.....TEAM WORK

I still have yet to play with a full party in this game. A mic would help but I have no problem as long as you can carry yourself.

I keep my mic on my head but have it turned off. I just have it on just to hear people complain if I kill them. This is only when I'm playing solo. But when my friends are on I go to party chat.

^ What he said. I love hearing people whine.

Back in my BLOPS days (ha a few months ago) I would constantly score 1000 points or more higher then the highest scoring person on the other team and always lose. I never use a mic and I never play with a group. That is probably the same problem you have.... Mine is caused by the fact I only play after 1:30 am.

If any of you guys are near the Gulf Coast (Texas, Louisiana, Florida, etc..) hit me up and we can play. I like to keep parties with players close to me or the connection is bad.