I'm stuck. Can you help me?

I just got the game yesterday, and I love it, but I am stuck. I am in the GCPD building looking for Mr. Freeze, right after you subdue some henchmen. I am locked in two rooms that are separated and I have to use a grate in the floor to access each room. There is a secruity panel on the wall in one of the rooms. I am being asked to utilize the cryptowhateveryoucallit sequencer. It is blinking on the screen showing me which one it is, but Batman cannot access it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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why can`t you access the panel?

you need to press diagonally down and left on the d-pad to open the cyrpto.

Maybe THATS why I couldn't do it. Don't I feel foolish. I'll give it a try. Thanks.

All of the gadgets are accessed by the d-pad. If they are left then you press left to access and if there are two to the left you hit left twice. Also like mentioned if diagonal you hit a diagonal direction to select.