I'm Sorry But..

This has to be the most overrated game of this current gen. Days before it released all you saw was 10/10, 9.5, 9, 100% from the reviews.

I loved Arkham Asylum because it had a sense of mystery to it. You didn't know who you were going to run into next. In this game, you run into most of the major villains within the first 10 minutes.

AA also had a much better atmosphere and was more immersive imo. It seemed like for AC, they thought bigger is better, but to me this just killed all the charm of the first game. The city is well done, but it's just dull.

Two-Face who I thought would have a big role, is in the game for hardly 10 mins and basically just gets his @@@ kicked by Catwoman (hardly a spoiler). 

And the game is constantly contriving the length by giving you countless fetch quests. As a matter a fact, this game is basically a fetch quest, with a lackluster story sprinkled between beating down a bunch of goons.

The riddles are so ridiculous. They're pointless. It really felt like they phoned it home on this game. And did they really need 400 trophies?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

I will say the combat is amazing, technical, and finessed. Probably the best combat ever in an action adventure game imo. Graphics, specifically the character models are incredible.

BTW, I played and beat the PS3 version (only one Gamefly had available) on hard, got all the riddles and collectibles, completed all side quests ect. I also completed all of Batman's challenges with all three medals.

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The challenges are fun (except predator) cuz it's the best part of the game concentrated. As far as the riddles, I'm a completionist. The campaign is what I have the biggest gripes with.

I personally think, that plot was better in "Arkham Asylum". Beside that one thing (which is actually important in games, look at "Alan Wake", whole story was just awesome :D), "Arkham City" is a greater game, beat it twice already :). Now I'm completing all riddles, and side missions. I recommend this game to everyone, who enjoyed the first one :).

I disagree with you entirely. You can't possibly be a Batman fan and not think this game was great. While I do admit that some of the characters weren't fleshed out entirely (such as Two-Face) I must ask, was it neccessary in developing such a storyline? In regards to the villains, the story revolves around The Joker and the mystery behind Hugo Strange, the other villains you encounter like Penguin and Freeze are necessary to push the story forward. The plot of the story definatly deserves a 10/10.

As for the challenges, I think they add more replay value to the game and offer a replay to the story rooms. The riddler secrets are amazing I think, the map is so big they had to have 440 to fill the game with them. The side missions can be strange and distracting but they leave questions for future storylines. I really think New Game Plus seperates this game from any other game of this genre. The first playthrough was enjoyable, but the second really puts you in Batman's shoes.

[quote user="Aja Ekapad"]

God of War games aren't fetch quests. Arkham Asylum isn't a fetch quest. Uncharted games aren't fetch quest. Dead Space games aren't fetch quests. Gears of War games aren't fetch quests. Devil May Cry games aren't fetch quests. I could really go on and on.

I know some of the games I listed are shooter/action, but that's besides the point. There's nothing wrong with fetching, as long as it is pertinent to the plot. I.E. why the hell do I have to scan a bunch of helicopters for a code? What purpose does this serve besides artificially lengthening the game?


The same purpose of having to kill enemies in God of War or solve puzzles in Uncharted... to artificially lengthen the game. It's in all games. While I respect your opinion to not like the game, it's complaints like that that just make you look like you're trolling.

I don't know, I really enjoyed this game.  The story was great I love flying around Gotham and I believe they really stepped up the scale from Arkham Asylum.  But after beating the game and finding most of the Riddler trophies it feels kinda of too quick. But that isn't a fault of the game, just I wish there was more.  Batman doesn't have the same replay a game like gears 3 where I will spend the next year+ playing online but it was great game. I could only hope they some how do a DLC that will allow you to use Nightwing and Robin in the city some how.  

Props for the 131. I posted one challenge for 135. I forgot what the challenge was but it was an extreme with the Titan and the one armed dude, with about 30 other goons. I pulled off a 97 hitter which is my personal best.

I thought the combat was very well done. It never gets old.

As far as the overall game, I don't doubt its a good game. I'd rate it a 7.5/10. I just checked the gameranking and the PS3 version is 96% and Xbox is 94%. It's rated as damn near a perfect game.

I recently platinumed RAge (I know they are completely different games), but I thought this was the most underrated game of the year. The story was shallow, but the gameplay was incredible, but after reading some reviews, I got the impression the game was lackluster. If I would have shelled out $60 on day one for RAge, I'd be happy. I can't say the same for AC.

As for as my next game, that will be Skyrim. I'm going to have to cancel my Gamefly in a few days for this one. I swear I'm going to start showing up on the back of milk cartons when this game releases.

I am a Batman fan from the 1970s. I enjoyed seeing most of the villians but some could left out or changed. Mad hatter was only enjoyable because my wife was in the room and was freaking out on the Alice theme. Then really freak when I let the audio tapes play as I gave candy to kids.  

But the game did combine a lot of elements combat, fetch, explore, platforming (boo) etc. Now as to what amts of each are good for you and me depends on our game style.

Well I not a completionist so the trophies and play thru on multiple times does not matter. As to 2-face only the last movie made him a real villian to me so again different tastes.

You d1ckhead.  Put *spoiler* in your thread subject line next time.  You do not choose what is a spoiler to someone, especially when it has to do with what characters appear and how they fast they come and go and who finishes them off.  THAT is EASILY a spoiler.  Learn some forum etiquette, I don't care if you are angry or not.

who are you apologizing to?  its your opinion.

That is why everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My opinion is this game is awesome and definitely deserves the 10 out of 10 rating.

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