I'm so over this game....

after countless hours of playing this game, which was awesome in the beginning, but after less than stellar DLC gearbox announces that there will be a season 2 and that is where the level cap will be raised? I'm done being bled for more money. So, with that being said  I won't be needing my gear anymore, not with Dead Space 3 coming out tomorrow and I'll be trading BL2 in at gamestop anyway, I have a ton of great loot that I am giving away to the first person to send me a game invite at midnight central time tonight, plus I also have 5 or 6 Golden Keys that I will open the loot chest in your game and let you have all the goodies. Now if anyone is interested in this, please remember I will not be home from work until midnight so please don't send any invites until then, and if I get no invites then I guess the loot and keys will be lost for good.....


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I'm sorry you feel that way. If a second season pass was announced then I have a feeling Gearbox will address the community's concerns regarding the first batch of DLCs with the second one.

I agree with Raptor.. I also posted a message about this same thing  in another thread   about the achievements..  It is FUNNY how Gearbox is talking about a NEW  SEASON  when we DIDNT even GET all the DLCS for the first season?    We supposed to have FOUR..and all we got was "PIRATES  BOOTY" which was fairly OK  not not all that great..  "BADASS CRATER"  which i thought was the better of the three... and "HUNTERS GROTTO".. which i have to say was the WORST!

So ARE we going to get ripped off of that LAST DLC for "SEASON ONE"??  

I ALSO feel this game is ripping us off with the XP as well.  as  MOST everyone i know  are all level 50.. as with myself.. and playing through the Badass Crater and Hunters Grotto with a level 50.  is totally WASTE of  all that XP you get with all the missions.  EVEN through the TVHM PT2, what GOOD is doing that?!?!  You aint going to get any more higher then level 50 with rank OR with the weapons either.  And  with level 50 weapons already whats the point in playing through playthrough 2?    

Thats why i am agreeing with this!   I mean in the first BL game i was already over LVL 60  playing through  PT1 on the DLC's...   and WE DIDNT have to pay extra for the LEVEL CAP increase back then as we are being forced to do NOW!.   And even though this game doesnt  seem like it will ever be finally completed in my achievements   i am going to say that is OVER!!.. Another FAN lost!

and MESHUGGALA...so what your saying  is that WE HAVE to PAY for  getting our CONCERNS ADDRESSED?  basically thats what your saying.. when SEASON PASS 2 is released THEY WILL address our concerns with the FIRST SEASON?!  

So in order for US to be satisified  we HAVE TO PAY extra?? Well OF COURSE..thats because WE have to PAY for SEASON 2.  .. and that s()cks cause SEASON ONE is NOT even DONE yet.. and that is ONE of my concerns is.  So i have to wait  and pay for season two to find out what's happening with season one?!   man that JUST DOESNT make any sense at all!  

And to think i got the ULTIMATE LOOT EDITION and STILL had to pay extra for SEASON pass... Who even knew they would have a "SEASON PASS" whe i first preordered it .. as they never did with BL1..and  let alone CHARGE more for it.. even for people who got the ULE. .. It only goes to show you that they,  like everyone else.. ARE MONEY HUNGRY.. just like  the folks who do minecraft......Gearbox is  goingto have the same slogan.... "KACHING!!!!"

Who says you have to pay for the level cap increase?? It was done through an update for BL1 and will be done for BL2

Thats NOT what i read on gearbox site.   They are saying that  they will release the NEW Season Pass and that  WILL  include the  level  increase with it.  Also from what i heard that they claimed that  ONLY 16% of the players  are only  50 level!.. so they are  ONLY holding back  just for that reason.. only to get MORE people to play it.. That is why they are waiting till the Season pass to do the level Cap increase.   which is still total  BS  in Many ways you look at it..  

ONE.. everyone i kknow is already a level 50 and been level 50 for long time now..  

TWO..  why make us wait for every one else who supposdely NOT a level 50.. to "CATCH UP"?  cause if that was the case we would waiting for ever cause more and more peoplewill be buying the game and  WE HAVE to wait for THEM TOO?!  

THIRD.. IF.. now i say IF.. so dont bend this out of porportion. they do the CAP INCREASE with the season pass two... that means WE HAVE TO PAY for it.  

So far i have NOT read that it will JUST BE AN UPDATE taht will be released BEFORE  SEASON  2.  But if WE have to will wait till then.. then WHY even bother doing anymore DLCs for SEASON ONE???  WHICH  FYI. we are entitled to at least ONE MORE.since it was supposed to be 4 of them NOT THREE..  But what would be the point to release anymore DLCS for SEASON ONE  if the level Cap is not unlocked. .    That would still BE a  TOTAL WASTE of XP for the level 50  people. we already wasted enought playing the last TWO DLCS  for SEASON ONE.  

SO  any way you look at it we are screwed EITHER WAY!

Why are you so mad about something that hasn't even happened yet. If you want to be mad that they are going to have a 2nd round of DLC and charge you for it then fine. But why don't you stop there. Your acting like a child. The 4th DLC will be out and you will get it with your first season pass. If they back out of the 4th DLC then they would have to refund a portion of your season pass since it said we would be entitled to 4 DLC's. If they don't they would be looking at a class action lawsuit which they would just settle out of court because it takes about 10 seconds to google a random website that sells the Season pass including 4 DLC's.

Cliff notes

- Stop crying like a little baby

- You will get your 4th DLC for Season pass 1

- Don't buy season pass 2 if you don't want to...

I kinda agree with Jerrod H it kinda sucks its a waist of XP but put that guy/ girl on the backburner and start a New game.  But if you wanna throw away all the good loot then go ahead ill be chillin trying to make a Ninja Zero for a bit =)

LOL you level 50s this will teach you to rush through a game and / or boost.

I don't think they will charge for a level cap it will probably be in a patch near the release of the last DLC just my thoughts.

regardless if they charge for a lvl cap or not, this game has run it's course for me, there has been a bunch of good games come out recently and more coming very soon, dead space 3 today gears and bioshock next month, all i was saying is that i'm done with this game and am willing to give away what i was able to accumulate while playing it, if no one is interested in it, then so be it, but i see thread after thread of "plz dupe this and plz dupe that" i was just trying to help out, and as far as rushing through or boosting to get to lvl 50, i did neither, i enjoyed the game completed it 100% (minus the dlc) if anyone who has picked this game up on day 1 as i did and is not lvl 50 as of yet just means they are not giving this game the time and attention i did.

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