I'm sick of posts complaining about stuff so...

I thought I'd throw some positivity into the mix.

I really like this game.  I like everything about it to be honest.  I've played every Gears as they were released, but this is the first time I've played it online.  I pretty much suck but I'm improving.  I don't see anything to hate about it.  I enjoy the gnarly deaths and the gnarly kills equally.  I don't know of any other game where you can watch someones head become raw hamburger when it gets blown off.  Or see someones limbs go flying everywhere when you hit them with a frag.  It's just downright spectacular.

There are times I get frustrated, but I just start enjoying the beauty of the game when that happens.  My favorite moment of gameplay so far was today.  I was playing TDM on Thrashball and I was Last Man Out.  The enemy team had one respawn left.  I tell myself "come on ST0ne you can clutch this ****."  I was facing a guy who is holding a meatshield so I roll past him spin around and blast him in the back with my Gnasher.  Now their respawns are depleted.  But there was a guy with a Hammerburst behind me by the Mulcher, and he downs me.  Now lucky for me I'm by the steps coming out of Blue spawn on the right hand side, and manage to crawl down them before he can finish me.

I revive myself and just as I do a guy comes running in the locker room right down the middle.  We Gnasher dance, I win, but I know the other four are closing in.  So I Roadie out down the left side exit and Myhrra comes waltzing in.  I run straight up to her and one shot she's smithereens.  I can hear the three other guys coming up from behind so I try to Roadie out from where Myhrra came from, but I stick to the wall.  NNNOOOOOOOO

I mange to pull off the escape.  I'm going to circle around behind them.  Alas they Lancer me down as I'm running, and procede to execute me and fire shots into my dead, devestated body.  I gave 'em hell though and it was a freakin' blast.

Thanks for reading.  What are some of your favorite things about Gears?


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[quote]What are some of your favorite things about Gears?[/quote]

The community.  <3

Cool story, bro.

It is nice when you clutch a game or come close. My favorites have to be when you get some cocky player on the other team who likes to hump you when your down and you then proceed to annihilate them for the rest of the match until they rage quit.

@ jerff. At least the OP is doing something different than the constant moaning threads.

I actually thought it was a cool story...  -_o

[quote user="imm0veableST0ne"]I can hear the three other guys coming up from behind so I try to Roadie out from where Myhrra came from, but I stick to the wall.  NNNOOOOOOOO[/quote]LOL, that gets me every time. 

@jerff....lmao....urm!! ;/

Boring story bro.

I knew I'd get flak for this post.  I also knew some people would enjoy it.  Thanks to those of you keeping it positive.