I'm Rubber, You're Glue Achievement

Anyone want to get this achievement? We need at least 3 people to get it just send me a message if you want it, I'm on xbox.com right now but I will log onto xbox if I can get people.


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i need it help.

its not as hard or annoying as it first seems just keep searching casual arcade until ur either tai or minh then stick with them til u get to were u play as the locust then go for the kills. casual is best cos the cogs go down alot easier on that level

Yeah, that's the point I was about to make. Maulers are for players 3 and 4 in the group, so Tai or Minh when playing as COG. And then you have to hope whoever plays RAAM doesn't spam the kryll all over the place...

that happen to me at first person controlling raam killed everything but they dont seem as trigger happy now prob cos most people have the kryll achievement

I need a hand with this. Need someone to be RAAM and Elite theron so I can be the Mauler