I'm not a parent but i have a question for parents.

I've never had parental controls on my Xbox account, which in part I do believe is because I'm fairly mature for my age and because I started online gaming at a late-ish age for the generation I'm a part of and because I pay for my account. Any ways my question is I see that a lot of parents have strict parental controls on their child's account that usually include approving their friends and blocking everyone from the child's account. I've had many accounts and I have seen some slimy creeps online but those people are just part of day to day life. At what point do you as parents stop looking at it as protecting your kid and start to see it as being ... i don't want to say over controlling but that's all I can think of. I don't mean to imply anything but I'm curious. This question came to me when I met a seventeen year old online and his parents had to approve me as his friend and then he had to go because his family timer timed out. Sometimes it seems to be taken a bit far. Again im only fifteen, I'm not a parent and don't want to be for quite a while, and I've never had the parental controls. Thanks for the input on this matter perhaps it will lead me to a bit of  enlightenment. ****I got the tags from a list that the forums or what ever gave me.****


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In the end, it's up to the parents to decide.  It's not for Xbox to decide or the government.  You don't agree with some measures that some parents have taken, and that's fine.  There's nothing wrong with that.  When you have kids, you raise them how you see fit and no one else.  It may seem unfair to you, and I'm sure to those kids they feel it is unfair.  But that parent(s) is just doing the best they feel they can do for their son/daughter, and it's nice that Xbox gives them the ability to help out.

I don't see it as unfair as much as I see it as going a bit far sometimes. I mean for a 5 year old it's understandable but a 17 year old should have more freedoms. just my opinion i guess and maby it would be different if it were my son or daughter.

So do you have a child account or an adult account?


IMHO if children got out into the real world, i.e. playing with the neighborhood kids outside, not inside, instead of holing up in their house/room with every tech device known to man/child then they would be better equipped to deal with everyday social issues, such as respect for one another, trust, honesty, integrity, etc...something you can clearly tell many of the 'children' on XBL do not have or know very little about. Even some of the 'adults' lack the same.

I may not mind if they ( the child) want to buy the 360, buy the gold package, the games and help with the internet bill every month.  Then I will listen to them.  If not, we dont even need to talk about it!

Well, I think 17 is a bit extreme for that level of parental control, but you never know, maybe he would be on it 24/7 if they didn't.   My boys are younger so I control it all pretty much.  I figure when the oldest old enough to have a facebook page and add friends, he should theoretically be old enough to approve xbox friends too.  Not sure, ask me in a few years . . . :)

Thats actually a typical family scenario in a lot of things.  Eventually you'll get the "Its my room" argument from the teen.  There is a balance that every parent has to find along the way, trust and communication for both sides (parent/kid) are the key issue.

I don't think it's over protective. Some parents want there kids to go outside and get excersize

There are always extenuating circumstances. It's hard to tell but I can definitely tell you: EVERY child is different.

its refreshing to see other people with common sense, thanks for restoring some faith in humanity OP.

many parents are over protective, and it is sad, the news is more violent then anything u see on xbox so yea...

either way, your kid your rules... you will see when ur older.

Well im a parent . Its a parents job to protect their children from the freaks of this world because noone else will.

There has always been nasty ppl in this world who enjoy inflicting pain upon others espeacialy on innocent ie children but due to the invention of the internet and other online social sources this gives those sick ppl more access to children and as gaming and internet are a part of childrens everyday life now then parental controls are the only way a parent can protect you from these ppl.

I know children think this is just a way for parents to control your fun but that isnt so if you look around these forums your read tales of children having their accounts hacked and being racially abused and i read the other day of some1 sending a child pictures of his genitals..

Now i know you may say yes but this happens in every day life outside the house but that is something a parent cant control as much, letting our children be subjected to this in our own homes is wrong .

If your under 18 your still a minor ( uk laws ) and are still classed as a child..Seems unfair yes as there are alot of mature young aduts like your self aand your best bet is to sit down with your parents and ask what it is they are afraid of by keeping the controls on and convinse them you understand and that your mature enough now to judge ppl yourself.

We were all children once we all know what parents were like and its not antill your older that you will realise why they did what they did

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