I'm missing something I think

Hey guys.  Got the limited edition last night, downloaded the car packs(muscle cars, etc)/tracks/whatever else that comes with the limited edition from the three marketplace redeem codes that were included.  Downloaded them all.  However, when I look at one of the cars I'm supposed to now have (say, the 1970 Buick GSX), it says DLC by it, and I can't drive it.  Same for the Benchmark ring, etc.

How did I mess up?  I'm sure it's something stupid.  But I know they all downloaded 100%, because it put me to the post-downlaod screen where it says "this is where your active downloads appear" and whatever else.

The help is appreciated.  At work now, so I'll try more when I get home. 

Thanks guys


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dashboard and reboot forza. see if that helps

Aah, interesting.  I'll try that when I get home.  Good thought.

If this is like the LE Forza3 edition, the codes allow you to download the content, you either have to earn the credits in game to purchase the cars from the dealerships.   The track(s)on the other hand were test tracks,  and you could access them "Testing" or host a private match and invite others who also have the tracks.

Well that would suck.  That would just be downloading the "possibility" of getting the cars...

I had issues downloading all the "special features" last night. But i thought that may have been due to the fact that a billion other people were trying to do the same thing at that time cause it was release day.

I have all the cars and have played with several of them.  I did find out that you can't use them in the story mode unless you win them or purchase them with your winnings, but you can use the cars in every other feature...online, autovista, free race...

On your XBOX go to Setting>Memory>Hard Drive>Forza Motorsport 4 and check to see if you have all the DLC there. If not:

Go to your purchase history on your computer and check to see if you downloaded the following:

Limited Collector's Edition Pack

Launch Track Pack

Launch Bonus Car Pack

If it says you downloaded them and for some reason they're not on your hard drive just re-download them again by click on "Add to queue" thing next to the names of the DLCs.

Paragraphs don't work for some reason, sorry.

We're good guys.  Thanks a lot for the input.  Think the xbox just needed to sleep it off.  Everything was there when I played last night.

Thanks again all