I'm looking for a team!!!

Borderlands 2 will be too epic to play alone I've chosen the commando and my sister is choosing the siren. If anyone's interested in joining up as either the gunzerker or assassin message me and if you want to just play in the first borderlands is cool too!


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I would like to play and I was going to play as Zer0 the assassin first.

When you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.

Looking for a team too , but I already have two other people I just need one more. Somebody who wasnt to play as the Gunzerke. Ill be playing as axton gf as the girl bro as the sniper. so anybody wanna play with us send me a invite.

I'm always down to play. From what I've seen I'll probably split between the commando and gunzerker, But If you only want people that want to play that one class I'll pass.

I'm up for it :) I was thinking of playing as Zer0... I was split between Commando and Zer0... but i'm leaning more towards Zer0 ;) lol

looking for a GUNZERKER? ADD Me

TWO GUNS ARE BETTER THEN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im playing as Zero cant wait for this game.