I'm looking for a active CC!!

Hey, I"m looking for a CC that's fully active. I've been in a few that just die off. I need one that won't die off and are in it to win it. Add me and send me info if you have a spot open. I am still currently looking for a CC. I will update afterwards if I have found one. Thanks


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Ok. I'm tired of responding on xbox live. I need one that will be cool with my work schedule. I work weird hours and the last one I was in didnt turn out the best because of it. I work sun-weds 5:30 PM too 6:30 AM every week. I work alot of hours so those days I probably will be out of it completely. But the three days I have off which are thurs, friday, and sat, I can play no problem at all.

check out www.xboxlivesportsleagues.com

add the gamertag theseahwks he has a league thats in year 5 he has 32 ppl with a waitlist of 3 and growing he always has 32 players and is always competitive superbowl winners get 4000ms points and he choses a player that performs well every season (sorta like mvp but the change the position every season) the league is super bowl or bust search the group on facebook

if you are still  interested in joining  league check  out our sit at www.simulationsportsnetwork.com

I am Co Commissioner with a friend of mine, we have been running FNG Football league for 4 years together. W get around 5 season done a year. We have 27 owners now and are looking to add a few more to the group.

If you are interested, just search FNG Football League on Facebook. I will accept your request and accept you in the group so you can check us out.

We are well established and a great community.