I'm Liking this game less & less......

Maybe it's just me but I am finding that I am liking this game less and less as I progress through. The one major dislike I have about this game (which is enough to stop me playing ) is the total NAFF AI displayed by the enemy and the fact that they are totally unrealistic. By this I mean - countless times, I have shot an enemy with my shotgun , at least 3 times, and yet they still are not defeated and keep coming at me?!? I mean WTF is that all about?! You should be able to shoot someone ONCE - and that's it - they are dead! NOT 3 times with a shotgun and they STILL live?!? That's enough to stop me from carrying on because its happening ALL THE TIME. Also - the fact that more often than not, when an enemy has spotted you in a certain place and then you slowly walk BEHIND COVER to a completely new place and you know 100% you have NOT broken cover - the enemy somehow STILL knows where you are and they carry on direct bombs and fire power towards your new position EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE STILL BEHIND COVER?!? Sorry but that's just rubbish AI. It should be like the last Splinter Cell game where the enemy fires towards your last KNOWN position not fires where you actually are even though you haven't broken cover since you were spotted? Sorry but that's just my rant .........

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So.......feeling better now?

I liked it a lot more until I just hit a game breaking bug (the one on the beach). I often play games more than once but I don't like being forced to start again.

this game is not splinter cell. and every game has you shoot bad guys several times before they die. try easy mode.

Bug? Are you experiencing what I am, atm? The part where I beat the guy, so I could get somewhere and I got the rope ascender, but the reticle keeps switching between rope arrow and normal arrow - not to mention the reticle flicker between red and white. I know where to shoot to pull to get the "puzzle" solved, but it's not happen. So far, the only thing I've managed to do was break off a piece of the contraption and move the arm. Yet, I can't seem to get "axe to drop" so-to-speak.

This hasn't happened before. I've play three times already and startng a fourth (but no, I haven't beaten he game) I've gotten just a bit past the beach (ear;ler playthrough), but stuck because of that supposed glitch. I even checked to see f there was something with RB. Yet, every other time I pulled a rope (using the ascender isn't a problem) ... If I can't get past this part because of that problrm, I won't able to solve the following puzzle using it.


Nevermind the above post. I got through!

EDIT: Nevermind - I guess the last patch fixed my bug but in a weird way - the old waypoint doesn't disappear so I thought I was stuck but I tried just going on anyway and it just worked.

However, after the beach part I am definitely enjoying the game a lot less. It just has a different vibe, like someone else took over for level design or something at this point. Weird.

PS. My bug was that if you explore the beach before going to the waypoint first then the anchor can drop and a piece you need to pick up disappears from the game.

i think the enemy ai is bad in the game but holy crap everything else more than makes up for it in my opinion.

The stealth mechanic isn't the best I have seen.  In one sequence near the beginning where Lara was trying to sneak past the guards just before she kills her first human and obtains a pistol, I was somewhat amazed by how easy it was to sneak by the AIs.  I realized that enemy AIs might as well be deaf... I can literally run up to an enemy without getting noticed before I manage to get a stealth kill.... I was jumping and running too.  It's only when I shoot with a weapon that they started to notice something was wrong.