I'm In Need Of A MW3 Clan

Hello folks. Played MW3 lone wolf for about four weeks when it first came out. Unfortunately my Guard unit was called up and I've been out of country for the past three months. Just got back and started playing again yesterday. I'm getting pretty frustrated playing with randoms all the time. I'm looking to join up with a group or clan. Not looking to join one of those mass recruitment clans where no one actually plays together and your just another number. I'm average at best but I think stats wise I would be better if I was with a group I could actually communicate with. Not looking for anything super serious, just a bunch of people to play with and have a good time. Leave a message if you can help me out. Thanks!


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hit me up on XBL and we can get you into LHR GAMING. Stands for loyalty honor and respect. We are a gaming community made up of members 16 or older and are selective on our recruiting (IE: we dont just go out and take any person that wants to join). check out our website lhrgaming.com and hit me up on xbl LHR Airborne 6. Look forward to hearing from you.

LHR is exactly what you aren't looking for. message me on xbox - BarryTheGr8, if you want to join a group of 2 dozen in a clan who like to play and win together. We are cod specific, not a gaming community just a group of cod gamers to kick @@@

come and check us out! We will never be a huge clan but a small knit clan where everyone knows one another. We are The Known Outlaws, we game on MW3, BF3, and GOW3. We have been gaming for 7 years, we have been to competitions before and wish to again. If competitive game play isnt for you that is fine as well. Give us a shot and see what KO has to offer! We have Events, Prizes, Player of the Month, and more.


join Man Cave Militia!!! We have 35 active members. We kick any member that is out for more than a month, unless they have a reason for not logging in. We have an Elite squad (Hardcore only), A casual squad(core), and a Dropzone squad.We play on other games as well, but MW3 is our main. go to www.mancavemilitia.enjin.com and check us out. We want you to join even if you belong to another clan, This gives you and us more options.

Come check out this Clan Commununity "Legion of Honor"

e have a big sig selection of guys who play MW 3.  Over 12 plus Groups (10-12 peeps per group) for both MW 3 and BF 3.Vey Organized and Structures...for all types of gamers.



Rangers of Mercy is a small layed back Clan looking for Elite Members (Free or Premium) We play all match types. However we are mostly found playing HC TDM or KC (HD or Core).We have 10 members. A couple x-military. Age Req=16+. And we Enlist in all posted Clan Ops just incase members want to try and get XP for the Clan. Nothing serious. MSG me on XBL if you're still looking for a Clan and thank you for your service.

Glad to have you on board warpig!!!

my clan makes videos and we can play mlg pretty good too :P