I'm having difficulty playing a blu ray disc titled "The Beaver"

I purchased a film titled "The Beaver", and it starts up and seems to work, until after I watch or skip all of the previews of other films.  The app says that it is at the top menu, meaning I should be able to select "play movie", "scenes", etc., but the video freezes at 19 seconds while the music keeps playing, and it never reaches the point where I can choose to play the movie.  I attempted to play it on my brother's console, and the same thing happened.  I assumed the disc was defective, so I bought a new one from a different store and the exact same thing happened.  This leads me to believe that the discs are not defective, although I do not have any other type of blu ray player with which I could test the disc.  So I've now wasted $30 on two copies of a film that my Xbox's blu ray player won't play.  I've played many other blu rays aside from "The Beaver" with my Xbox One console, so I don't understand why this one fails to work properly. 

Anyone else have similar issues? 

Even better, anyone from XBOX know what's going on/how to fix it?


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