I'm glitching/cheating...NOT!

I love the new characters, and love their new abilities.  But some people who haven't gotten all of them have been accusing me of glitching.  The new soldier has missile launcher ability, and a few ignorant people have been calling me a cheater.  I'm hoping that I haven't been reported, or if I have, that BW would see that it's the new ability and not the rocket launcher cheat.


The nerve of some people.


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I agree they are just idiots I haven't got the new soldier yet but I've seen him in action & it rocks I've got the shadow & the paladin & I'm loving them I wouldn't worry about it if you have been reported bioware will see that you are a legit player & won't the accusations further

Enjoy your character while you can, because the crying children will get most of those new characters nerfed.  :(