I'm at the end of the rope here, folks/World at War Modders

I have been a Live subscriber for nearly 5 years. I own every major gaming companies console or handheld device, but my original Xbox is what started me gaming and my 360 is what I play the most. I've tried to share that with my friends over the years, and many of them own and enjoy their 360's as much as I do. A friend of mine recently bought a 360, and I had suggested COD World at War as a fantastic WWII multiplayer shooter to get started with. Or so I thought. We've been attempting to play it over the last 4 months or so, and I'm happy to say that its nearly driven him to cancel his live subscription. The game is unplayable, due to a literal infestation of 7-13 year old's that at some point seem to have gotten the idea that the pleasure of the game is not derived from competition and besting other players, but flying around the map in "god mode" with a flame thrower and infinite ammo. All the while making the game flash insults to the rest of the players.

This, to put it bluntly, is BS. So I did some digging. I play a lot of videogames, I stay on top of gaming related news. I'm not a moron, I realize that Activision could care less about a 2 year old game in a franchise that releases multi-billion dollar blockbusters every 10 months. I realize that as much as Treyarch supported the Black Ops community, the aren't going to drop a week of work on patching something that they already sold to consumers. But the people that are in possession of the banhammer for Xbox Live have a job to do, and as far as I can tell, its being done either very poorly, or very slowly, or both. I spent a few months filing complaints, thinking foolishly that this information would be acted upon within at least a month or so. Nothing. When only 10,000 or so people play a game, you get matched up with the same people quite regularly. I often end up being matched with the same hackers time and time again, sometimes throughout the course of weeks, if not occasionally months. These people are not being taken care of, and I and my friends have filed multiple complaints against them.

So, fast forward to yesterday (that is, if you've managed to make it through this block of text. I have put some page breaks in, but as far as I recall from the beta forums I've participated in, the system deletes them after posting). After a particularly infuriating few matches, in which after trying to engage in a logical conversation with one of the juvenile modders and being told I'm just "bad", I've had it. I'm not putting up with this any more. I call Xbox Live customer support, knowing full well that they do not have the power to take care of the problem, but hoping I could find out where to go to take some more direct action. The rep I spoke with re iterated what I already knew, but told me that if I took this information to forum #14 or 15, Accounts Banned, the thread would be approved by the admins and they would take action to ban the parties involved once they had determined themselves if they were indeed guilty of violating the code of conduct. 

So, I sat down and typed another page (similar to this) in which I expressed my concern and irritation, and provided a list of players gamertags that I know and have proof of modding. I mean, I even have one of them on my friends list and a good 5-6 messages soliciting the sale of modded lobbies for 1600MSP. That alone violates the code of conduct, and its physical proof. At the very least, its a start.

Its been 24 hours. A couple dozen other generic posts of "account band, i yd why?" have been approved and answered with the standard "You did ______ which is against the code of conduct. My thread has not been approved by the admins. So I posted again, stressing the fact that a Microsoft rep specifically told me to come to this forum with the provided information. I even gave the case reference number that said representative gave me, if further proof was needed that this was legitimate. Absolutely nothing. No private messages regarding the post, not even an email telling me its been denied posting. This is ridiculous.

I understand it must be a busy, hard job to filter through all the garbage and find those who deserve banning, especially when they apparently rely on a system that involves player integrity. But its not exactly difficult to pop into a match of COD4, WaW, etc, and look for the one or two players a match who go 40-0, seem to have gained the ability to fly, and have a colorfully flashing gamertag. In fact, I'm surprised they don't simply use this as a resource to easily hand out bans.

This is a absolutely massive problem. These are often children, who are ruining an experience for thousands of people, every day, and as far as I'm concerned, the problem is being IGNORED. So I'm going to leave this here, and whoever has the stamina to even scan through it, I want answers. I am not going to stop here. I will continue to attempt posting to the Accounts Banned forum as instructed, and from there get on linked in and contact Mr. Larry Hryb and Eric Doty and get something done about this.

Maybe the game is not going to get patched. In fact, this is probably its unfortunate fate. But every single player that thinks they can get away with *** the rest of the community over with their hacking deserves to lose their gaming privileges until the infamous 12/31/9999.

Thank you for your time.


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can't you just play private matchs?

@The Immortal D, that's simply not the issue any more. The rules need to be enforced. If my neighborhood suddenly becomes the center of a vicious gang war, I should just hide in my basement. The police need to come in and eliminate the problem, as the law requires.

Although XBL enforcement team can only suspend/ban the idiots that are reported, it is up to the developers to "fix" their games.

 But I know your frustration. The idiotic hacker/modders ruined one of the best games of ALL time, COD 4. Evidently, the developers think these games are too old to repair, even though they still sale DLC for these "broken" games. I just don't buy games anymore, (IW, Activision, etc.). I'll rent them, see if they are worth buying, then I MAY buy it. Developers have gotten money hungry. After all, they get your money, then they don't/won't support their games.......

After reading my original post, I should clarify its intent: I was told by the Live CS rep to put a thread about this in the accounts banned forum. I've tried twice, neither has been approved. Where do I need to go and who should I contact at this point?

I don't think you can post in the "suspension" forum, unless you have been suspended/banned.  I think at one time you could reply to the idiots that post their crying problems in that forum, but I think it got a little out of hand and you can't do that anymore.

 Just another idea, although your intentions are good, M$ tends to not pay much attention to the forums. The only real thing you can do is keep reporting these morons.  Sooner or later the XBL enforcement team will get them..........

As Gary Killer15 said the only thing you can do is report and avoid the players you suspect of cheating. You can also shoot a PM to this gamertag Mattks. He is handles cheating for Treyarch, at least he did for black ops, maybe he can do some good fo WAW

@Gary Killer15, That is what I originally thought. The problem is, a Xbox Live Customer support representative told me specifically to put my thread in forum #14, Accounts Banned, with a reference to the phone call and a list of the players that I have received messages from soliciting modified lobbies. I even provided the admins in said forum the reference number for the phone call as proof.

I suppose my next step is getting on linked in and contacting DMZilla and MajorNelson, as I said.

TL;DR, it's not microsofts fault. It's all upon the developers. When it comes to developers fixing their games, Infinity Ward and Treyarch are some of the worst. Sure, they patch thier game for the year that it's in style, but after that the just forget about it.

DMZilla is the community manager and Major Nelson is probably to busy to deal with World at War hackers. And the rep you spoke to knows nothing about what and where you should put things. You cant name and shame gamers on these forums.

@IsaacClarkeSNL, this was more for the benefit of any moderators that might happen across this thread. My issue is that Microsoft told me to post in the Accounts Banned forum, yet my threads do not get approved and no action is being taken.

I did address your point. I understand Activision and Treyarch do not care about their old games. Regardless, the players modding in said games are breaking the Xbox Live COC, and even if the game remains broken and hacked, it would please me to no end to see some of these arrogant little kids slapped with console perma-bans.

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