I'm Alone?

Hey Gamers,

   I'm having the same problem as a lot of you are. I'm joining in to GTAO on the 360 everything's fine. When I tried to log into the One, that's where I'm having my issue. I join other players in a six man match, then with in two minuets of playing, I lag out into a room by my self? I have a wireless connection and my power saver is shut off. Is there anything I can do? or am I doomed to play GTAO on the One alone??



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Hey there xNecro Kingx!

This happens to me all the time, this is caused by a bad connection (apparently), its really annoying.  I think rockstar needs to fix it, but your connection should be the problem.

Yes its your wireless. Hard wire it and you wont have this problem anymore.

Hard wire for the win.  I just got GTA5 for XBOX1 today.  Got digital version.  BEER founder is back!  Hope they fixed the crew patch on leather jackets.  I know that bug never was fixed back on 360 when I played last year.

Hey guys, I tried the hardwire route. It worked for a day...lol I tried to reset my modem to refresh my connection, and then tested everything. My NAT is open and everything looks normal but I'm still in the one player lobbies. Any information would be nice Thanks

Probably reset router and dsl/cable box.  Hard boot XBOX1 if in preview dashboard.

I tried that Graw, and that seems to work... until it says that everyone has left, and that I'm in a lobby by myself

Have a look at your nat settings, if it is on strict or moderate, try resetting your modem and it should be fine, if it isn't then there might be a firewall setting blocking you from being able to play the game

Hard reset is holding the x button down on your console not controller until it turns off. This is the cure all for Xbox one. If everything else is correct that is.