I'M A BEAST Insane! Get it today, sunday!?

Since you're only able to search a public match for beast mode on Normall dificulty, I was wondering if a few people wanted to team up and play beast mode on Insane to get the Savage Theron Guard and a new Emblem + Title.

Note that you're not allowed to fail a round.

I do own a microphone and I don't suffer from polio or whatever so I am able to discuss team play ( In Dutch and English ). I've also completed Beast a few times so I know how it works.

So, anyone up for teaming up for Insane Beast Mode? Please, only people with a microphone and you must have completed Beast mode a few times so you know how it works.

Post here or send me a FR, we'll discuss time.


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Seriously, no one interested in Insane beast mode today?

I am.  shoot me an invite.

Ok, just sent you a FR, ill be online in a couple of minutes... we need a few more though

send me a fr i will get on as soon as my brother gets off the xbox.

I'm up for it! Send me a inv.  GT: INPALA

send me one as well!

I'll play

Man, I made a topic on sunday to get it on sunday aswell... Now everyone replies on monday? Bunch pussies to weak to play GoW cuz of a little hangover? ;-)

completed it yesterday. Went very good actually.

Completed within 13 minutes which means me and my team are on rank 230'ish right now. + Ofcourse I got my character, achiev and emblem + title

u jelly? u mad? :P