I would like

my console to be banned from being the host during MM. My connection is quick but sloppy and me getting host, which is quite often, leads to horrible games. IE :6 Sniper headshots to kill someone, walking through walls, being shot through walls, horrid shot registration, less than 1/2 kill radius for nades, the list goes on for days. When I'm not the host, unless it's one of the island countries with host, UK, Ireland, Japan, etc etc, everything generally runs correctly. How to fix this?


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Your crappy connection must still be the best one.

It's the fastest probably but fastest isn't necessarily the best.

First time ive seen someone not wanting to be the host

Is this serious?

Very serious

Fo Real?

fo shizzle?

A solution to your issue OP is to stop playing games that dont use dedicated servers

Dedicated servers is considerably worse. I live in a rural area, not metropolitan, and the nearest server base is over 30 miles away. It makes the P2P connections look like heaven lol.

^^Clearly you are confused about dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers have nothing to do with where you live. Some games like COD use P2P , and others like Gears 3 use dedicated servers which evens the playing feel. No more host advantage/dusadvantage