I wonder if they ever thought of this

With other COD tittles you could always tell a lag switched with the connection int. tattle tale. Now with the lag compensation (that 90% of players detest but they still dont remove). How the heck can you tell a lag switcher.


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Just to keep it simple, I blame all my deaths on lagswitches.


But seriously, I dont think switches are as rampant as everyone thinks. Its obvious if everyone is one barring while one guy is mopping the floor with the enemy, other than that I think people are just making up excuses.


It was pretty obvious in Halo, but I dont know of any other tell tale signs of a switch user in CoD.

  Your best bet is to forget that phrase "lag compensation"

   Lag compensation is not something new. Its been there for at least the last 3 or 4 titles. If you could really tell that easy before there is no reason why you couldnt tell now.

If someone is lag switching, everyone in the game will freeze (when he hits the switch) but the switcher doesnt freeze, he can kill you and everyone else. Thing is, if he keeps the switch turned on for over a second or two, he will be kicked from the lobby and /or disconnected. Watch your kill cams and if a guy sees you and then you freeze and he doesnt, its possibly a lag switcher. regular lag will make up 99% of WTF moments in CODs. After over 150 days played in COD MPs in the last three or four, Ive only seen 2 or 3 switchers.