i will never get 100% on AA...

... because i hate, with a PASSION, doing the predator challenges. Its not that its hard but I just hate, hate doing them. I did 3 of them and it was just agonizing to do them for some reason i hate it. just not my thing. oh well. I have game+, all the riddler trophies and everything except all the riddlers revenge...i am 100% in my mind! LOL


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if you hate the normal predator challenges you will really hate them in campaign mode with the modifiers.

i will never get 100% due to the perfect combo achievement,i simply can not manage it.

i am currently at 1010G on my gold account.

Arkham Asylum was definitly much easier to get 100% on.

I had planned to get 100% on this game also, but I likely won't either.. Saint's Row 3 will be out in a few days

could always just play 'cause its fun

I played the game because it is fun... I enjoyed the game very much.. I think both Batman games (AA & AC) were 2 of the greatest games ever...  BUT there is only so many times I can play the same story line over and over.

If it weren't for the achievements, I would be less likely to run around grabbing riddler trophies after I already beat the game... I would be very unlikely to play the challenge missions over and over again. . .  The game is fun, but the achievements add to the life of the game since there is no multiplayer or anything to keep me going.

Batman Arkham Asylum may have been my favorite game for a long time & I suggest everyone play it, it has sat collecting dust for a very long time now once I got 100% on it ( I have it on PS3 ) . . .

Halo Reach however I have 100% on and that game is well over a year old and because of multiplayer, I continue to play it.

Achievements not only add to the fun of the game, but add to the overall life of the game, making it more worth the amount of money spent on the game..

i just got the perfect knight-day 2 achievement and im still not bored with the game.

What?! People play games 'cause they're fun!? Since when?!

On a side note, I love the predator challenges. It's just the combat challenges that really irk me. I do really well with catwoman and sometimes nightwing, but I'm awful at the extreme challenge maps. At first I thought they would be easy, considering I got about 60K+ on the regular combat challenges. Oh well. =/

i could never do the combat challenges on AA but they seem a lot easier on this one.

i have them all done with batman,catwoman and nightwing.

i have gone back to AA just now and just picked up the freeflow achievement that took me months of trying and i could never get.

i guess practice makes perfect.

I hate how they force you to do takedowns in a certain way. There is no planning out a room and coming up with your own attack if you want the medals... You have to do it their way. Oh well. I'll never 100% either since I can't even get 3 medals on the combat challenges. Much less the Pretator ones. Like seriously I must be missing something in the combat since I don't score nearly enough points dispite easily going through the 4 rounds.

a really good tactic i worked out was using evade after EVERY strike.

all you need to do is is strike the first guy the jump over him,then aim your stick at the next guy and strike again.

the important thing is to press evade again before you strike lands,this way you can`t be hit.

as soon as your combo turns yellow hit X-A for the bat swarm and then continue to strike and evade.

i have had combos over 100 using this tactic,it really works.  

I like predator challenges, but can't seem to do well enough in the combat ones.  Just need a few more medals or gold or whatever from the last couple combat challenges in AA for 100%.

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