I was super excited about this game

But, so far its borderline disappointing. Now, Im not going to talk about the HORRIBLE lag, as thats expected. Im talking about the game. Im not one to try and isolate gamers.. more the merrier. But, this game was CLEARLY designed for PC. We consoles were an afterthought, especially in regards to the multiplayer. The maps are massive, which is great. Except the player count cant populate them properly so you spend more time running around looking for people than you do actually in gun fights. Now, is that the point of the game... not entirely, but its what makes a shooter a shooter. Without the gun fights, its boring. Now, the group I run with are all pretty good killers, Yet, we get in a game together last night and for hour after hour playing Conquest anyone in the server was lucky to break 10 kills over the course of the match... A WHOLE MATCH!! And this problem is made worse because there are entirely too many snipers, as usual. So, with half the other team sniping in some random spot waaaaaaaaaay off the border of the map, that leaves maybe a squad actually getting in there and fighting. BORING.... Up the player count, PLEASE. Its killing it, imo.


There are other issues, but thats the most glaring and gamebreaking. The others are tolerable, this is just stupid. Its just not as fun as I had hoped it would be...


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who cares about kills, i'll get 5 kills in a conquest match and get over 5000 points. No problem for me.

In before "cool story bro".  However, you are absolutely right.  Make it at least 20 vs 20 and they will have something here.

I average about 10 to 15 kills per game in Conquest. I play Rush if I want kills. I had a few 50+ kill games on Rush. Some maps are too big for Conquest.

The only map I find boring to play is Caspian Border. Fantastic looking map, but a little too big for it's own good imo.

Im not familiar enough with the maps yet to name them off, but Ive seen it across several of the maps. I dunno.. I really want to like this game, but so far Bad Company 2 was so much better in about every aspect. Hopefully maybe they will update some things like they did with BC2 and make it a little better, but I just dont see them fixing the player count.

Im trying really hard not to hate this game, but Im failing miserably because Im starting to hate it about as bad as CoD honestly. Constant connection issues aside, its clear they went out of their way to try their best and attract the *** CoD crowd. And TDM? Yea, dont bother... it should have been called Instant Death O Thon because the spawns are quite literally the worst I have ever seen in a shooter, including CoD and being spawn camped. I have been spawn knifed from behind no less than 15 times and Ive only played TDM 4 times. As for the other modes, Rush is still freaking stupid and Conquest isnt much fun due to the maps being WAY too big for the player count.

You can tell they rushed this *** to get it out before MW3.... so we lose yet again. Im gonna keep playing, maybe it will grow on me. But as of right now, Im not liking this game at all. VERY disappointed.

I love the game but i have to agree  in part , I love conquest mode but 12 v 12 on maps this size is a little ridiculous , the flags are too easy to take and when you do , as theres not enough players to defend , when you move on the enemy just take them right back again and you end in a stalemate , tickets being lost and gained from kills mostly turning conquest into a form of TDM. Im finding rush mode my favourite at the moment. Im GUTTED about conquest but ill carry on see if gets better but with 24 players i cant see it happening..........