I was racially abused by a 15 year old for beating him on S&D


I was playing MW3 the other night. I beat a 15 year old (xTrnty) in Team Tactical S&D.....and got racially abused for it. Please view this, comment and share. This is disgusting!




What's your thoughts? He's 15! What would his partents say eh?





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report him and suck it up.  Unfortunately, this is how a lot of gamer act anymore.  

Just report and move on.

Life's too short to be caught up with lowlifes like this.

Yet another reason my mike is only on party mode and messaging disabled.

They seem to get their kicks this way so why pander to them

As for his parents, he probably has a mother but doubt he has a father

As for his threats to hack your account, if anyone does it in the future then you have audio proof, even though he might not be the one that hacked it

Another example of parents not parenting their kids....sad

The accound hacking I'm not bothered by, I know it's a empty threat. It just chuffs me off you get this all the time. I mute people in game if they annoy me. As he sent this as a direct voice message, he went out of his way to annoy me. I thought I'd go out of my way to tech him a lesson. If that was my kid I'd go ape!

1-You should have just muted and blocked communications with him the first time and been done with it.


2-Posting links that violate the XBL/Xbox.com Terms of Use are not allowed anywhere within these forums. (profane language/racist comments)


3-Simply File a Complaint, Mute & Block Communications.


4-And the person sounded like he was well over 15, atleast to me, must be the accent.

Mute,report,move on.


Don't just hide in party chat like everyone seems to be doing these days,there are good people out there and if you hide in party chat,not only do you not get the chance to meet great people but the d'bags win.


I have been called all sorts by sore losers and it has NEVER got under my skin,I have also been guilty of over reacting and being an @@@ in the past.


Just take that abuse as an accolade and wear it with honour,lol.

report it, wipe your tears, move on and have fun....i enjoy trash talking sometimes and have fell victim to a few racist but at the end of the day words are words and and 100% of the racist online are full of ish and should just be ignored

and you posted for a 3rd time..   time to get down off your soapbox. Wish there was a way to ignore posts by users on the forums. (if there is, please let me know)

In all my time of playing CoD, I've come across 2 groups of decent gamers. The rest are pretty much like this kid. He shouldn't have sent me that message directly. I would've left it. I'm sure he's seen it now so I'll drop it. Game on

"If that was my kid I'd go ape!".


If you were my father, I'd be bitterly disappointed. You're an adult, right? These are also just words, am I still right?

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