I want to join a serious MW2 clan

I really want into a clan for MW2. add me and check my stats.  I dont want any QS/NS/TS ***. i dont believe in that horse ***. I dont believe in playing like a noob tubing pansy. I play fair which means i dont steal care packages because i didnt earn them and i dont low-key my killstreaks to be a ***. i use 5-7-9 or 5-7-11 because its not too ostentatious but also something to work for. 


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Hey hit ME^ up with a message  I'm LHR NinjaKitty. And my clan or well community will be able to take u in. We have over 2,400 active members and we don't use noobish weapons and we are like a family.

lolz im sorry. this is from a long time ago cause if im right about the date then i got into RoG 4 days after i posted this.

Thank you for the offer NinjaKitty :) though thats not saying i wouldnt be interested in playing with more people. My new temp gamertag is RoG Honeybadger. Made it cause The Black Satyr is a tenth prestige on MW2 and i was gettin bored.

If you wanna play some mw2 then thatd be sweet though :)