I want to be able to Play Gears again

Hello. My name is Nicholas and I have run into a strange occurrence. A few weeks ago, when I was about to Play Gears of War 2, I was presented instead with a message. A message which says roughly, that I had some kind of setting on that prevented me from play games online. I found this to be very troubling. I knew that my gold membership wasn't supposed to expire until sometime in October, so why was Gears of War 2 telling me this? I recalled that I had play Gears of War 2 earlier in the week for sure. I remember it wasn't a particularly hardy controversial match really. I was playing Guardian game type under Social Matchmaking. One of the other team's players seemed to have host and I fared admirably for going up against the opposing team of which had host, as I have already stated. I didn't make any grand remarks at the end of the game. I was talking to one teammate during the game though; but as I said, I believe the opposing team had host. So I concluded that it was not likely the last game I played online. What I did was go through various settings, try changing one or two things and then going back - but when I did go to multiplayer in the main menu of Gears of War 2 it brought me to Local game and any attempt to switch it to play online would meet with the same message as before. So after looking through the videos of Xbox 101 and getting nowhere, I decided to try another game. I picked Halo: Reach. I went to the Multiplayer lobby and nothing seemed a-miss. I got into a game and there was no problem - and in fact it was not only my first time playing Halo: Reach in a long time, but I ended up with the highest score on both teams. So I feel compelled to think that I have been banned from Gears of War 2. Here is something interesting: I tried Gears of War [1] and I was able to play online with no problem. So I think: I think that I have been banned from Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 and Not Gears of War [1] because Gears of War [1] was released much beforehand to whatever my offense is. --- But there is the possibility that the developer: Epic Games has did things differently for Gears of War 2 and 3 to where my settings did for some reason change and I can't play.
So skip forward to September 20: I go to a midnight release of Gears of War 3. I come home with a Limited Edition that I did have trouble acquiring at the last moments. I spent the extra money, because the Gears of War series is one of my favorites and I have been looking forward to Gears of War 3 for a long while now. But, as I suspected, I was greeted with a similar message to before, when I tried to play online with Gears of War 2. My setting didn't allow for me to play online. But I haven't changed any setting - Because I just bought my game. So I do feel that I have been banned for sure. It turns out that I am not the only one who got banned (or whatever the case is). The other members of my clan have also been banned.
My Xbox Live Friend, associate and clan member told me to email a specific email address at Epic Games; but I have yet to hear back from them. I tried calling a number I found at their website but after following the instructions, they told me to go to microsoft.com/games. Very strange to me since I am only banned [seemingly] from two of their games.

I emailed the support section of Microsoft and they responded and told me I was banned from Gears of War 2 for one or more violations of the Xbox Live Terms of Use. They didn't tell me what I did though, I am supposed to know what I did & I don't. So that does not help my feeling of being wrongfully banned.

Two of our clan members have been banned from Gears of War 2 before and while, I do not know if they received the same message as me, I know that it has happened to my friends before.
Today however, one of the two clan members I just mentioned told me he was unbanned. He told me to come here and to write what has happened here. SO:
My current situation is that I am using my second account to play gears online. I had to use extra money I shouldn't have to spend to play a game I spent extra money on for all the extra content that I don't get to use. Or I could use the Season Pass and other content such as the Adam Fenix Multiplayer Character, but it would be on my second account. I don't have the money to spend on putting such valuable content - both in monetary value and availability - on my second account. I bought it for my primary account. The one I play all my games on. So to be put in a situation where, I am sitting on content I paid for that I can't use, & having to pay for Gold Membership on a second account to play 1 game b/c I was banned on my primary account for reasons that have not been made entirely clear to me feels very unfair. And I would like to appeal against my ban. Since this seems to be the way to do it: I am here.

I do not need to be un-banned from Gears of War 2, necessarily - I assume that being banned from Gears of War 2 is what Got me banned from Gears of War 3 by the time I put it in my Xbox, so it would be nice to know more and even be un-banned from it - but I firmly protest being banned from a game on a GamerTag that I have not even gotten to play said game on. It seems like a travesty. Especially since - if the community was so much against my playing Gears of War, that it would show when I play on my second account.
I am told that my fellow clans' member got un-banned by posting on this forum (I believe), so I await a response in the near future.


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Why cant I play gears 2, like my game works an all but my thing wont even let me play at all it blacks out on my acc but I yry on my brothers and works fine :c

Epic forums is where to ask why you get banned.

Click the link in my signature; then go to ''game specific bans''

It will tell you to post on the EPIC games forums.

So did all of the moderators decide this post was too long and thereby didn't read? Or of the few people I know who found success in getting unbanned for Gears of War 3 - I am the only one who doesn't?

Well it may look that way but I was referred to come to here and put forward what I have to say about the predicament I am in. It does look as though we posted one after another, but that is not the point. Apparently they were not told why they were banned either. All I know is that I apparently have a violation of one or more counts of the Xbox Live Terms of Use. Or so they say. Why that would only affect my being able to play Gears of War 2 and/or Gears of War 3 - I don't know: But not telling us doesn't help us as individuals get passed whatever it is we are accused of doing. And I would be really interested in hearing if we are doing something wrong as a group of people - but there has not been adequate explanation as to why we are banned.

Are all your clan (which seem to have some of the worst gamertags i've ever seen btw) taking turns to come on here and ask why you got banned?