i want the ripper but not the dlc maps

anyone know if it will be for sale on its own


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IF they are going to release another weapon when the next dlc comes out, I could see them MAYBE having the ripper as a micro-transaction. If it's popular, they may just not want to sell it cheap, they'll want to sell the dlc.


the other gun on the first dlc isnt available to buy so doesnt look likely but knowing infinity you just never know..they would sell fresh air if they could make a profit lol

they prolly will at some point, but after they have seen how it all works, nerfed it etc then it will be available lol

Just pick one up off the ground,, there all over the place...

Thats a good call actually - but then it is one someone else's spec I guess!

I always pick up the paisley one with the phallic forward grip.............

Unfortunately, the ripper is not available for separate purchase, just as the peacekeeper from Call of Duty Black Ops 2's Revolution Dlc was not. I cant call whether it will be or not available separately later on in the season.  

The Ripper comes with the map pack unfortunately for you,but gamers like myself actually enjoy the Devestation DLC.