I want that old DLC!!

Why you give it to ps3 and not to 360? I want to use the other characters and I want to fight in those other levels!!! Please bring it back ASAP!!!

Along with the tmnt games please.


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Sorry Creamcheez, it's long gone and it aint coming back.

Such a bummer though. early 2012 they gave it to ps3. Cant they give the better systems the hookup?! :-P

Yeah it really sucks. I cant get all the achievements in the game because I don't have the dlc. And I kinda just want a reason to play it more.

Same here, wish they would just take them away instead of just teasing me. Such a fun game to play, hope they make another one. The first two were just so much fun!

There are actually two ways to get them still, you can get a friend who has it to let you recover their tag and download it onto your hard drive via download history, or you can get a Jtag and put the character pack onto a USB drive and install it into your xbox that way. Both methods require somebody who already has the DLC, which is unfortunately something I have yet to find.

If you still want the DLC you have to start a commotion or something and get allot of people involved so that this complaint looks better and they might just put it back on the Marketplace so senf this to everyone you know and just keep sending it untill something is done and we get the DLC back.