I want my Money back UBI

Sorry Ubi, you cant shut this thread down !  haha

 This game has nothing to do with Ghost Recon other than the name.

 Ubi has had since 2007 to work on this and this POS game is all they could come up with, please

 They took out everything that made GR/GRAW great and turned this into a COD/Btlfield/GOW clone that's not as good as them.

  WTF happened ? How did UBI lose it's way ???

 No user controlled rooms,

 No large expansive maps,

 UBI uses a weak engine,

 UBI used a GOW cover system which does not work properly

 UBI makes you use a UPLAY code to get online (this means all buyers of used copies must pay UPLAY to use multiplayer and takes the trade-in or resale value down to nothing)

 They ruined Seige by placing both teams very close to each other

 You can not remap the controller buttons

 IT is NO longer a tatical shooter

 It is now just another run-n-gun shooter for 12 yr olds (no offense to 12 yr olds)

 This game is a POS

 UBIshaft ripped us off charging $60 for this game.

I want my Money back UBI







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For someone who knows so much about UBI and this game, perhaps you should have rented first!

I am right there with Yo Def !

It was pre-paid for a very long time based solely upon the previous versions of GR

What a total dissappointment


 I want my money back UBI-Shaft

Get over it, this game is great. A patch or two and this will become one of my favorite games. I personally think this is one of the better GR.

I agreed to an extent with the original post. No Team Death Match? That is what made GR great! Hosting a room but you can't make it open to the public?? WTF yet another thing that made GR popular.

"It was pre-paid for a very long time based solely upon the previous versions of GR"

quoted from jssport


there's your mistake right there. Just cause it has the same name or is part of a franchise, doesn't mean the whole franchise is gonna be awesome. This doesn't just apply to this game, but to every game that is part of a franchise or has sequels/prequels.

I want my money back too. I like TDM. No TDM, no go. What's with the multiple connections to Ubisoft servers to do anything? Never wanted to return a game as fast as this one. Thanks to that uplay crap, I won't even get a decent return. Single player is such a drag. 90% of the time, I can't even skip the goddamn videos.

Go play TDM on call of duty rouge.

Willing to buy my copy of GR? I will go back to COD. Too bad, I was hoping that Ubisoft was not going be as greedy as Activision and GR would be a welcome break. I have always liked the old GR and RS. Lots of big maps and tons of free DLs. I will never ever buy another EA, Activision, Ubisoft game. I may be one player, but that's one player these companies have lost.

I've always hated the Gears of War style cover system. I like having FULL control over my character, where it doesn't feel like my character is jumping from cover to cover like I'm playing some on-rails shooter. Although the one exception to the rule is Rainbow Six Vegas (which is more fluid with the use of the left trigger). Splinter Cell Conviction was still somewhat tolerable... but the whole tapping "A" crap was a clear indication that they'd be switching to the GoW control scheme.

I also wish there was a dedicated first person perspective mode. I don't understand the obsession behind wanting to stare at your character's back. I'd rather use that valuable space in front of me to actually aim more precisely... because, you know, it is a shooter. And last I checked we don't control ourselves through "out of body" experiences.

I loved the very original Ghost Recon because you didn't have "easy mode" gadgets for casual players. It was more exciting not knowing what enemies you'd encounter, and how you'd adapt to the new threats. It was more about using your brains than relying on fictional gadgets. Things started going downhill with GRAW in that respect. I wouldn't say the newer Ghost Recons are completely terrible... they're just not the type of gameplay style I want or expect out of the GR franchise.

I'm really hoping they don't screw up Rainbow Six Patriots. The reveal trailer looked amazing. And even though the management team has been switched around recently, I still have high hopes that it'll be a good game.

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