I want more MP Characters

It's cool how many MP characters there are this time around. But I want more!

Where's Kim???

Where's RAAM?

What about Tai?

I was hoping to see Alex Brand or Pad from the novels and comics.

What do you guys think?


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You start with 10, there are 4 preorder ones and there are about 31 unlcokable in the game plus one from the beta. That is a lot of character skins!

didnt tey mention some DLC charcaters as well?

crap, forgot about the skins with the dlc as well

I just miss Kim. He was the one I played as.

Doesn't this Alex Brand look like she'd be a great addition to the game?


Also, wasn't Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy) Supposed to be voicing a multiplayer character?


I know mihn, Raam, Bernie Maticaka and the onyx guard are coming as dlc, and i believe Tai is as well. Plus their is the ne character who looks like Leeroy Jenkins advertising the season pass.

Who else would you like to see?

Pregnant Anya?

How many more do you possibly want? lol

Haha pregnant Anya

The more the merrier!