I want a next-gen Futurama game???

Seeing as Futurama has made an epic return to TV with a new season, I feel thats its time that there should be a new Futurama game. If you agree please comment on this post and hopefully the people at Xbox or other game related companies may take note.

What would you like to see and what wouldnt you like to see if a game what to happen?


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I dunno, the PS2 Futarama game wasn't that good. It was OK - but certainly nothing special.

Your right Platinum Spectre, but maybe the game developers could learn from there mistakes?

I want an ADVENTURE TIME game. Even if its aimed to kids, It cant be anything but fun. Well it could turn out  to be another bad platformer but the name alone could save it for me.

Sounds like a horrible idea. Any game based off of a movie or God forbid a TV series is going to turn out awful.

first off......a new series?that has to be the best news ive heard in years!my opinions for game ideas would have to be a sandbox game with every character being playable from the start especially bender.i would love to be able to go upto NPCs and tell them to bite my shiny metal @@@.there would also have to be a co-op play in the story too.futurama rocks!

I think a simple platformer would be cool. I agree with KO, most games based off movies or tv end up not being worth the money. A XBLA title would be cool but nothing to in depth like a sandbox game.

A XBLA title sounds like a good idea NoxiousFarts.

They make a game for that obnoxious show Ugly Americans but not for Futurama?? Boo

I understand if you want a new Futurama game, but why would you want to wait until the next gen?

Sorry Sword Style I meant next gen from the PS2 and Xbox title that was released years ago, which would be 360 and PS3.