I want 2 Talk about Balanced Matchmaking for players

NETHEREALM make RANKED rooms for Novice players, Intermediate and Advanced. Or Search skill requirements with custom matches. True skill matchmaking is a Fallacy Fraud. For instance ive been going for this holy grail achievement 10 ranked matches in a row. Best i can do is 8. Time after time i get a groove going, only to be pitted against some pitiful player who has 1000 W 110 L. I guess these players dont have a job, or a gf or kids.  I only wish I could play as much. Anyhow the irony of the end of my streak was to a noob, who got lucky with the noob saibot shadow spam lol. Ill never get this ach.


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I understand your annoyance especially with the spammers. Unfortunately ranked isn't perfect and never will be.