I too was having the same problem.


Most of my music I have ripped in WMA format from my CDs.

With Music Pass Downloads and Xbox Music Cloud Turned off: My ripped music does not show any Icon to the right. Music that I had downloaded through Zune shows the  sound icon that says streaming only.  

Enabled Music Pass Downloads: No changes to above

Enabled Music Cloud: Some of my music is showing the cloud and says Matched here and in the cloud for streaming on other devices. Cloud with recycle/refresh arrows and says only available online.

So it appears that by going to settings and turning off Music Pass Downloads and Music Cloud for a few minutes and then turning them both back on it is trying to ID and match my ripped music to albums listed in the cloud instead of showing downloading 348,000 songs it is only downloading about 1,200 which is about what I had for music pass content.


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