i think

i think that it would nice if rare made a third verson ofviva pinata game where u can get more then  one of the dinosaur pinata per profile and u can makea griffin likeu can to get the pigixe by romancing ealeair and a roario and u can romance the dinosaur and dragonche to make newer varients and u get new pinata and just u have to trap pinata from the desert and artic aeras i think it would nice there was a jungle area where jungle type pinata r at and there would b a farm loction u can get farm type pinata like pig cow chickhen bee sheep horse it would b cool to get a bull type of cow i so think it would nice to give the forrest type pinatas belong that the romance mini games dont have blue bombs or yellow ones just red ones i like the first and second games just in troulble in paradise the rino and dragonche keep pester out how about the stegosaurs dinosaur tail whips him out of the garden it would b great if u think this would b a nice game to the serise add any other ideas to this 


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good ideas and i think i read somewhere that after the most recent version of kinect sports is done and out then they may consider viva pinata 3 an option among many other titles

Fingers crossed for that third installment via kinect!