I suck at this game!

I'm not scared to say it.  I don't know if its because of the hard time I'm having shooting people?  Or just because I have always been a run and gunner and this game is a campers cod 100%.  If you don't camp!  You die and lose.  I can win when I give in and camp and hold an area, usually one or two in each map for ghosts.  But everybody sits still or crouch walks around.  Plus the shooting in this game is terrible, I can be shooting someone, they are clearly taking damage and they turn around and kill me.  Or I can come face to face with someone and go to shoot and I'm dead every time.  When I see the replay it shows the guy already firing at me, my internet is working fine.  30+ mbps download and 20+mbps upload, and my tv is set to game mode.  I don't know how this works either but in every ffa match their is always one guy who has a 2+ k/d spread who wins every match with 10 kills or more lead on the 2nd place guy who appears to magically kill everyone with ease.  Why is this?  Can you put these guys in lobbies with others who are better opponents for them and leave us 1.5 or lower k/d guys in our own lobbies.  In other words the match making sucks, but I think this may be tied into the fact that only 29k people play this game on a good night, in other words nobody is playing this game.  


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when cod 2 came out and internet speeds were mostly the same for everyone give or take a few mbps,  matches used to be an even playing field for everyone, but now internet speeds for some have got so fast that gamers who can only get slow speeds have no chance of winning matches. where I live I only get about 7 mbps down and 1 mbps up so its very hard to get in the top half of the score card, long gone are my big kill streaks. I just play the game for fun these days not to win.

or is it nothing to do with how fast my mbps is and I'm just getting old and slow myself LOL.

my internet speed is ok.  I don't know if having good internet is completely a good thing or not.  I used to have fios 2nd tier speed with 60mbps download and about 35 upload and it took forever to find a match but when I did and became host of the older cod titles I would win a lot and I almost had a full second of reaction time to respond when coming face to face with another player.  I switched to comcast tier 1 which is what I stated above and its ok, I have almost no lag but since its a tad bit slower I find myself being behind some.  When I come face to face with another player, 9 times out of 10 I die because they have already killed me.  I think once I get some extra cash I will pay the extra to get the tier 2 speed back.  You can get tier 3 which is right at 100mbps but thats over 100$  a month in internet service alone.  

Red I am run n gunning just fine. I do settle a bit mid match and hold down locations. A thing I did notice from players ranked in the top 1000. Since using this strategy I have been averaging 25 to 30 kills as of Friday night in tdm. I also have my kontrol freeks  which have been amazing! I have the phantoms and the fps cqc. Awesome!

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when cod 2 came out and internet speeds were mostly the same for everyone give or take a few mbps,  matches used to be an even playing field for everyone, but now internet speeds for some have got so fast that.....[/quote]


a very fast internet speed will actually work against you.


The game is working to "balance play" by slowing your experience down.



I have had to change things up very much.  I have slowed down and take my time going from spot to spot.  Also starting to learn the maps and knowing where the good spots are helps.  My k/d is going up 1.45, and I am playing team based game modes and staying away from ffa until the games population goes up.  I'm not sure about the control freaks you are talking about cod 2 halo.  Are they some type of aid in helping you aim better?  Or some type of cheat device?  I often wonder what makes these guys with the 3+ k/d spread that use bolt actions.  It makes no sense.  

Kontrol freeks are basically analog stick extenders. They add extra precision and controlled mobility. Check out the website. Kontrol Freeks.com

How come most of the time im getting put down before i even see my enemy come round the corner

, but in the kill cam he is round the corner had a cup of tea and then drops me. Thats not balanced is it

It's weird,I can do well on Strikezone and the medium size maps but put me on Stonehaven and i go negative most times.I also find it hard to rush on alot of the maps.I'm playing Dom atm for a challenge and the amount of camping on that mode is awful,Will be glad to get back to FFA and Blitz.

I struggled big time for the first few weeks, took the advice from this forum and that was to just slow down the run and gunning. At the time I was struggling in 1.30 range but now back upto my norm of about the 1.60s. I'm very average at this game and only play FFA. I'm no camper never have been but to win u have to pretty much hold an area. The bigger maps offer better options for moving around more I find.