I started up the Battlefield 3 campaign and....

the very first cutscene kept replaying! Now, I reloaded the game, and it was fine, but I was wondering if this happened to anyone else?? 


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no sorry not me it loaded just fine

Yep, campaign froze on me a few times also.

I had the reloading cutscene in the beginning. I just kept restarting it and it worked

I watched it 3 times before I realized the game was gliched...

Sadly, the campaign seems pretty glitchy.

I'm getting the whole "we rushed the game to get out before MW3" feeling.  I could have waited until next March when the MW3 love was over and been totally happy with a completely polished game.

I have seen weird stuff, like characters still in loaded position(arms up) until I walk by , then the animation kick in.