I seriously hope this gets fixed

As much as I love this game I think some of this stuff could have been ironed out.

1: Game keeps freezing...so far 4 times tonight. Two times I got a corrupt saved game datta massage after I restarted my xbox.

2: server stability and lag. Nothing more annoying then plugging someone 20 time just to see him spin..shoot you once..AND YOU BOTH DIE!!

3: I try doing a server browse but for some reason it keeps only giving me full servers even when I filter it.

4: EVERY single quick match I try to join it keeps throwing me into squad tdm....If I wanted tdm id play COD...even when I choose rush or conquest...SQUAD TDM.

Other then that I love the game


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Hate to break it to you but that first one isn't going to be fixed. The console can't handle it plain and simple. Some of us had the problem with BF3 and so far seems that a lot more people are having the problem with BF4. I didn't buy the game for the 360 for just this reason. I had problems with the freezes in the beta just like I did with BF3.

Gamestop has a 7 day return on new games...this doesn't get fixed within 6...BACK IT GOES. Not gonna spend 60 on a game that freezes almost every match.

Funny thing is yesterday didnt freeze at all. Tonight its been almost every attempt at play.

Welcome to my life.  And I fully agree on returning it if push comes to shove.  The full game has crashed on me about 400% more than the beta did.  And I don't remember ever having this kinda trouble w/ BF3.  I'll be more than happy to wait until The Xbone comes out to retry.  In the mean time I can snag Arkham from a friend and Ghosts next week if need be.  Just disappointed I haven't been able to re-capture the ole BF2 glory just yet.

thats only on used games

even ps3 players are reporting the game locking up.

if the system could not handle it, then it would not work at all.

they really need to fix the server browser issues, it seems to be the same problems from the beta, you would figure they would fix that.

All I'm saying is that a problem with the servers isn't going to freeze your console. I've never had any game freeze or lockup my entire system and the only way to fix it was by powering it off from the console itself. I got random freezes before, during and at the end of matches on BF3 and BF4 beta. I'm not trying to be a d*ck or anything but that's the reason I quit playing BF3 because of t he random lockups which were happening almost every couple games. It was the same with BF3. PS3 and select PCs had freeze issues back then too. It wasn't fixed then and still isn't fixed because there is nothing they can do. The game just demands too much from an outdated device. Some are better built or use different components which is why some don't have problems.

they'll fix it eventually....in the meantime though vent, let DICE know you're still here...when it works the game is great....but I'm still gonna irritate the fanbois

BF3 came our in 2011 and had/has the freeze issue. Maybe not for everyone but for some. If it was patchable or fixable or whatever you want to call it, it would have been done by now and there still wouldn't be the same problem cross platform. The fix will be having up to date hardware...XBone, PS4, or bad *ss pc. All I know is I've already been through this problem with BF3 and the demo of BF4 so far and only time will tell once the new consoles come out to see if there's a freeze issue.

wow I remember this awtacular dude shooting down everything about Battlefield 3 back when it first launched LOL! looks like hes changed his stance on Bf3 since he obviously still plays it.

Does anyone know how to install the extra 12GB of hd content to optimize game quality??? plz help

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