I Received Loss & DNF When Opponent Quit!

Yes, it can happen. And now I am no longer a 0% for DNF. I was up 14-7 and had just PICK 6'd my opponent with Charles Woodson. Did a celebration jump into the end zone and my opponent suddenly quit out of the game (my guess is he shut off his 360 out of frustration). No + skill points showed up, and when I went back to the Live Home screen for Madden 12, I had received an L and percentage points on my DNF. Terrible glitch, now anyone can just quit while losing and by the luck of the draw actually get credit for a W! 

Can someone fix this stat for me? Or is being fair asking for too much....


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It sucks you got the loss for that, I hate that as well.  But if he turned off his box, I would assume he got the L as well

I love doing that to people who are beating me and then coming to the forums to read them moan and snivel about it.

How sad...

Whining over a VG game loss is kind of sad too no matter how it happened.  Evolve.

This is waaaay to common not to be tracked.  I have had countless matches where I'm winning and my game freezes, then, I get the connection to my opponent is lost. However, when I am able to log back on, there is no record of my match with these cats.

Whats even worst, at  least 2 of them ask for friendly quit in the 1st qtr, so, I declined b/c of going for it on 4th down every series.  After declining, my game froze and I received the lost; but, it is not the lost that hurts, it is the DNF% that effects my reputation.

So, how can this be stopped?