I really want some friends to play xbox live with. I have A LOT of games.

I would really love to play Grand Theft Auto V, Call of duty ghosts, or minecraft like hunger games or just building or i could show you some cool maps. I would also like to play saints row 2 and get the co op achievements. but here is a list of the games that i have that are two players.

Far cry 3

Battlefield 3

Saints row 2

Dead island RIptide

Red dead Redemption game of the year

borderlands 2 (still need to get to level 50, got a level 30 and 40)

assassins creed 3

Splinter cell blacklist

Grand theft auto V

Call of Duty Ghosts

Assassins Creed IV

Saints Row IV

WWE 2K14

Splinter cell conviction

Batman arkham origins


Halo reach

Splinter cell double agent

kane and lynch deadmen

wwe 13

assassins creed revelations

call of duty mw3

halo 3

call of duty black ops 2

I also have some downloaded on my console.

sooo anyone wanna play?


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I'm gonna add you if that's ok. Don't have a mic yet. My gamer tag is RadiantFlash.

Well the only common games we have is gta v and halo 3.if you want add me :D

theres a few games i play that are in your list you can add me too.

Add me too, I have a decent amount of those games too.

My Xbox is on the fritz, leaving me with only a handful of games to play for the moment, but you're welcome to add me.

I PMed you.

some people go on to xbox live games and talk to people on the game. If they get along and hav the same games then they'd become friends on it

I have a decent amount of those games add me GT MINERODACRAFT

Finally someone actually has FC3. With that list I join yah. If you don't mind.... Are you still finding friends.