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"Battlefield 3 (AKA "Bad Company: 3", "Be Advised: 3", "Battletoads: 3",  is a First Person Shooter game that encourages its players to forage through bushes and spawnrape the other team. The game, which has slowly turned itself into a cheap knockoff of Call of Duty; boasts controllable tanks, jets and other annoying vehicles that the developers behind other FPSfranchises intentionally omitted from their games. When arguing with a pasty-faced Battlefag, be prepared to listen to long-winded rants about Battlefield 3 having superb graphics (lol, only if you have a high-end PC) and large maps. Since the game was announced, preachy Battlefield fanboys have been waging an online jihad against Modern Warfare 3; all because they can't bear the thought of seeing another first person shooter outsell their precious game. In fact; for the past year or so, Battlefield fans have talked more about Call of Duty than Battlefield itself, 


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Was using the n-word really needed?  How is that not *'d out?(edit: seems now it got changed)


Yeah. It didn't censor itself out so I went and changed it.


And yet its your last game played.

I hope MW3 waaaaaaay out sells BF3..   BF3 will sell more then enough for dice to make another one..   And that keeps all the CoD asshats out of my game..