I randomly spawned with tiger stripe camo on my retro lancer when i havent even bought it, Help?

I was playing on hotel and i switched out to my retro lance and it had tiger stripe camo on it, will they reset me for hacking or something becasue i didnt do anything


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If you haven't done anything, don't worry.

It has something to do with Halloween.  Well that's what a friend told me.  Apparently it changes Flame Skin to that tiger looking skin.  

ok thankyou

Its a halloween thing

I've had a few weird instances where Anya has been bald. And last night on capture the leader my friend left the game while I was respawning and my Sam spawned as Marcus until I died. And then my SOS sometimes starts as the Gnasher on rare occasion. The funny thing is... It also happened to a kid on the enemy team who was using Sawed off and he didn't know what to do with a gnasher. He probably didn't notice the difference since he went down pretty quickly and that usually only happens on a first spawn into a match.

The tiger stripes for Halloween is cool though, this game is not without occasional random bugs.